Friday, 10 June 2016

Boodles news - sort of

Now, as reported elsewhere on this site, Sophie attended a Boodles launch party the other week to promote their new campaign. Thing is, one of the photos taken at the event saw her posing with the 2016 Boodles catalogue - a scan of which was uploaded onto this very site weeks, maybe months, ago. The new UK edition of "Vogue" has a Boodles advert, but given that my catalogue is already put away somewhere in storage, I genuinely can't remember if this photo was in said catalogue! The picture itself obviously is "new", and was shown on the Boodles Twitter account a couple of weeks ago. There is also something on the Jewellery Editor website which also shows the photo, and states that "this spring, Boodles is unveiling a collection of delicate feminine jewellery dedicated to British Style Icon Sophie Dahl", thus aligning itself with the Boodles party. Although, in my opinion, it is actually now summer. Magazine is dated July 2016.